Guitar Freak Workstation discontinued – meet Guitar SightReader Toolbox!

Guitar SightReader Toolbox is everything that GFW wanted to be. It took 4 years and a new programming language. It’s not an upgrade – but it costs less than GFW  ($79.99 USD)!  It’s not only available for Windows, but also for Mac!
It also has a new website here at

Drop 2 chords – make any chord you want!

Download the PDF here

Timing 101 lesson 1

Here is a lesson on getting a good sense of time.  The first audio describes the process and gives examples, what to listen for, and loads of tips.  Timing is often the arch-enemie of guitar players.  Most guitarists cannot do this exercise (and possible even some drummers!), so I’ve broken it down really simply so that you can develop a great sense of time (the difference between hacks and pros)!

Here’s the first audio which contains the tips, examples and explains how to develop the sense of rock solid time

lesson 101 timing

This 2nd audio is your practice exercise.

lesson 101 timing exercise

The e-book “Guitar Virtuosity for the Everyday Man” (only available for purchasers of the full Guitar Freak Workstation) has this explained more at length and also has a visual guide of the lesson).  This is a good audio supplement to that!

Shred of Hendrix and Yngwie on TV

Shredding in a Kilt!

Violin Concerto Guitar Solo